I can state that my work is an innovative creative gesture,
far removed from established esthetical visual schemas.
Deconstruction in my work started as early as 1971 with interventions
on photographic film.
It lives in the continuity of work, it realizes a nascent
and active state of the chosen architectural image, a before that
originates from the after, in its possible expressive articulations;
past present
present future
past future
The deconstructive inquiry is a translation process, aiming
to go beyond, leading beyond, in order to construct another image.
In the context of the deconstructive process, the interpretation
present in these works leaves a sign, a footprint, a form, a new stimulus.
The deconstructive act not only interrogates the architectural image,
but reaches out to other contexts, to nature, to each one of us,
in the transformation, in the continuity, in the temporal space.

Lauro Lessio
Turin 11 - 9- 2002